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Contact Management on iOS

I, like many, have many email accounts that I frequently use. For many users, this includes synchronized contacts; for iOS users, that is where things can start to get messy. When you add an email account, you have the option to disable the other synchronization...

Some More Updates on Technology Bytes…

It’s that time of year again where I take a look at some of my old articles and provide some updates on exciting new things that have taken place or are soon to come. The first in this round of updates reaches way back to last month when I wrote about Mailbox, the app...

Achieve Inbox Zero with Mailbox for iPhone

What is inbox zero? For those of us who live and die by the digital word, it's a state of pristine bliss, where not a single email remains in your inbox.  To achieve such a state of being, it takes serious dedication, effort, and persistence.  A single sick day can...

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