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Is Yahoo! Axis an Ally for Web Browsing?

By default, if you are browsing the web on an iPad or iPhone, you are using Safari, the Mac browser that inhabits the Apple realm.  Recently, an old name in Internet, Yahoo!, has released an app to give users a choice in their browser to use within iOS: Axis. This...

Add your posts to Buffer

I’m a Twitter user.  I have two accounts: one for my business (@BayouTechnology) and one that I use for personal stuff.  Most of the time, it’s the business account I’m on, because I follow and tweet information that I find useful regarding technology.  For anyone...

Facebook can be fun, but safety comes first!

Facebook is pretty neat - you can find old friends, share pictures with these friends, play addictive games with said friends, or take nonsensical quizzes and compare the results with the same friends.  One thing that can be not-so-neat about Facebook is catching a...

To Tweet, or not to Tweet

When you hear or read a word that makes no sense, it’s either a new slang term, or a term related to a new technology.  One such term that I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot these days is “tweet”, which when used as a noun, it refers to a message on the new social...

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