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Track Mileage Easily with MileIQ

As the owner of a small business, keeping track of things that could possibly become deductions on your income tax filings is crucial. In the course of doing business, driving a vehicle can be a big or small part of the job, and keeping an accurate records of those...

Plan Your Trip With Furkot

One of my fondest memories as a kid was a cross-country family road trip, Griswold-style, to destinations like the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Petrified Forest, Dinosaur Monument, and stops in between. I must have been 10 or 11; we took our VW mini-bus pop-up...

In Real Life with Social Media

As we adapt to the technology we carry in our pockets, many feel that our personal privacy is in peril. The availability of smart phones and the convenience that they bring to our lives has trumped the desire to stay “off the radar” for many. I fall into that...

Catch a Ride with Uber

Taxis aren’t commonplace in Lake Charles as they are in bigger cities. These days I’m seeing more and more cabs around town as this economic surge arrives in Southwest Louisiana, but in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and many others, there’s...

Driving a Wi-Fi Network

Being able to “stay connected” while traveling can be a crucial requirement for some people. For others, having an Internet connection to browse the web, watch videos, and play games might not be a necessity, but can be a big help when facing hours of highway...

Apps to Help the Weary Traveler

Everyone needs to take a vacation.  This summer, my family and I embarked on a pilgrimage to the place of my birth, where the Wukovits family conducts its tri-annual reunion: South Bend, Indiana.  While my family and I have taken many a road trip, this one promised to...

Free Wi-Fi can cost more than you think

We’ve all done it.  We’re away from home and want to use the Internet on our laptop, but we don’t have a mobile broadband card for Internet access.  The hotel or other facility charges for Wi-Fi, but there on the list of available networks is something that draws us...

What’s New and Improved?

With technology changing constantly, I’ve updated some previous articles I’ve written with the latest news.

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