Next Generation VOIP Phone Services

Improve your business communications with Bayou Technologies VOIP solutions.


Increased Flexibility and Mobility

Calls can be routed directly to your smartphone. The business is with you wherever you go.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

The voice over IP platform requires little additional technical knowledge and training.

Lower Costs and Greater Productivity

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Phone Service for the Modern World

Voice over IP is the next step in your business communications. VoIP provides increased flexibility with your phone service. The office is no longer just in the office. Business calls can be routed directly to your smartphone without the use of a personal phone number. The business travels with you. This also means that unexpected power outages or natural disasters will not interrupt your business phones.

Streamlined call routing

Reach Out to Anyone

VoIP provides streamlined call routing for your business calls. An automated attendant can route calls to the right person or department easily. Calls can also be easily transferred or forwarded to users no matter where they are. This provides a great customer experience for your clients and a user-friendly communication system for employees. Employees can be more efficient, which means clients are happier and profits increase.

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Flexible Plans

Build a Plan That’s Right for You

Gone are the days of traditional phone billing. VoIP provides a simple “pay per user” model. Package tiers allow you to choose the best plan with the right features for your business. Equipment can be included, and leasing options are available to provide the latest technology for your business communications.

Seamless Integration

Communications All in One Place

The VoIP management platform allows for seamless integration between other applications and services. All communication channels are available in one place, and additional applications can be added at any time. Easy to implement and manage, the platform requires little additional technical knowledge and training.

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