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Protect every part of your network and data with cybersecurity solutions.

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Computer Security

By being proactive with the security on your computer, you can avoid many of the malicious attacks that can penetrate your network defenses.

Data & Network Security

Keeping your data safe from threats requires more than a physical lock and key. Safeguard your business against the wide variety of digital threats that exist.

User Security

Protecting the users in your IT environment is paramount to keeping things secure. We utilize layers of security for logins and email, paired with cybersecurity training, to keep your business safe by keeping your users safe. 

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backups and Disaster Recovery are integral to business. Having a day of downtime could be very costly and we can help your business systems to stay online.  


We utilize top-of-the-line solutions to help us protect your data from breaches and exploits. These solutions combine cutting-edge software technology with human know-how. Bayou Technologies provides your business with a robust and secure cybersecurity solution that combines the technology with the knowledge necessary to keep things safe.

Computer Security

Is your computer running sluggishly? Are you seeing pop-up notifications informing you that your computer is infected? Did you get a call from someone claiming to know that you need help with your computer? 

Most often, those pop-ups or phone calls can lead to your computer getting compromised. Before you go clicking or let those callers remote in, you need to get help immediately!  

If your computer isn’t up to date with the latest protection, infections can overrun your machine, sometimes leaving it unusable. Worst case scenarios can involve compromising your business and personal financial data. Bayou Technologies provides computer security services to Lake Charles, Sulphur, all of Southwest Louisiana and beyond. We can help to protect your IT anywhere you take it. 

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Data & Network Security

Effective data and network security is a multi-layered chain of measures, each designed to protect a specific segment of your network. Bayou Technologies designs security strategies, selects hardware and software, and puts them all to work, protecting every part of your network. 

Synchronized Security

Automated threat response means the network security system responds automatically to threats. No manual intervention needed. And it does so instantly, in seconds; far faster than any human ever could.

Block Compromised Devices

Endpoint protection detects a malware attack, shares heartbeat with firewall, instantly isolating it from the network, preventing it from spreading. 

Remote Access Options

A VPN client can connect mobile users or remote devices can connect branch offices for network security everywhere your business works. 

Physical and Cloud Security

With servers being migrated to the cloud, keeping them secure can be facilitated with virtual server licensing and management. Cloud applications should be monitored. 

Business Continuity

When the internet goes down, having a redundant connection can save your productivity. SD-WAN can keep your office running and your users connected securely. 

User Security

Users are the largest target as a cybersecurity threat. Protecting their credentials and training them in best practices is essential. 

Email Security

Business email is critical, and users are targeted with spam and phishing. Anti-spam and anti-phishing filters are integral to keeping users and their credentials secure.

Password Management

A password management solution can give your business greater visibility, stronger control, increased security, and an overall improved employee experience.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Using unique and complex password is only one step; MFA provides a second layer of defense for user logins. 

SaaS Security

With business applications in the cloud, securing those systems for users and monitoring their usage will better protect your business IT and improve productivity. 

Mobile Device Management

Users are on their own devices and your sensitive business data is on their devices. MDM and Mobile Application Management (MAM) gives you control. 

User Training

Your biggest challenge will be your users. Keeping them safe requires more than just software, it also requires them to know best practices for cybersecurity. Ongoing training is essential to keeping your business secure. 

Premises Cabling

Backups and Disaster Recovery

The most important component on any computer is the data. Backups are always necessary, and relying on human intervention, like plugging in a thumb drive, is a sure-fire recipe for failure.

Having a day of downtime could be very costly and we can help your business systems to stay online, even when dealing with a hardware failure, cyber-attack, or even theft of equipment.

Device Backups

Every computer has their data backed up to the cloud constantly with versioning for recovering deleted files or rolling back unwanted changes or encrypted files.

User Data Backups

Many businesses use SaaS business apps where important data lives. Backups to these cloud apps are necessary as Microsoft and Google DO NOT provide these layers of protection. 

Business Continuity

When a server goes down and business stops, restoring productivity ASAP is key. A dedicated BDR appliance that can virtualize the server can keep your business up and running. 

Ready to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Defense?

With Bayou Technologies, you can make it happen. Get a cybersecurity risk and vulnerability assessment to uncover potential threats and take proactive measures to safeguard your business data.

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