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As a Louisiana-based marketing agency, we take great pride in the dynamic impact Bayou Technologies has had on businesses in Lake Charles, and beyond. Discover how our strategic marketing solutions have propelled our clients to new heights and success.

Medicis Pharmacy

The Evolution Of Medical Marijuana In The Calcasieu Parish

Being the first medical marijuana dispensary in Calcasieu Parish, Medicis required a thoughtful approach to its introduction, given that this kind of enterprise was uncharted territory. Historically, the use of cannabis for medical purposes had not been widely known or legally sanctioned in the area. Therefore, marketing a medical dispensary for cannabis products took a thorough understanding of the advertising regulations and restrictions for the state of Louisiana, local sentiment, careful planning, and a commitment to challenging the stigmas surrounding the medical marijuana industry.

Medicis Bayou Technologies Case study
House of Sole Case Study cover

House of Sole Running Shoes

Running Shoes, Digital Solutions: A Case Study in Growth

Leveraging Bayou Technologies’ expertise in marketing and IT solutions, House of Sole redefined its brand identity, engaging a diverse local audience through a captivating Super Bowl commercial, revamped logo, and targeted online and offline campaigns. The collaboration resulted in increased brand visibility, enhanced social media engagement, and a strengthened market presence, illustrating the power of innovative marketing strategies in propelling local businesses to new heights. Looking ahead, House of Sole continues its growth trajectory, opening new locations and forming strategic partnerships.

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