Microleasing Office Space

in Lake Charles 



Designed for productivity and convenience, our micro-leased office spaces offer a professional environment without long-term commitments. 

  • Flexibility
    Choose the short-term lease duration that aligns with your work needs.
  • Efficient Access
    Private yet accessible through the reception area.
  • Utilities Included
    Electricity, water, waste, and Internet are all provided.
  • Professional Setting
    A desk, chair, and wall-mounted screen are provided.

Conference Room

Elevate your business gatherings with our state-of-the-art conference room, available for use by our micro-lease tenants. Designed with flexibility and professionalism in mind, our conference space offers the ideal environment for productive meetings, presentations, and collaborative sessions. 

  • Professional Atmosphere 
    Present and collaborate in a clean workspace.
  • Convenient Location 
    Strategically situated in the heart of Lake Charles. 
  • Modern Technology 
    Equipped with the latest audiovisual and video conferencing. 


    Designed for convenience and functionality, our compact kitchen spaces provide a comfortable setting for employees to recharge and collaborate. 

    • Hygienic Environment
      Maintain cleanliness effortlessly in our purpose-designed office kitchen. 
    • Compact and Efficient Design
      Equipped with essential amenities for a seamless culinary experience.
    • Modern Appliances
      A refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker are provided. 

    Included Amenities


    High-speed Internet

    CCTV Security

    Tesla charging


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