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December 31, 2012

Written by wukovits

Being an Apple user, one of the facts of life when using a Mac is organizing your photos with iPhoto.  Included with new Macs and part of the iLife suite of utilities, iPhoto allows users to easily organize and share photos, apply standard photo editing effects, create projects like calendars and cards, and much more.  However, like any software product, there remains room for improvement.  Thanks to Fat Cat Software, there is a supplementary utility that brings some serious functionality to your iPhoto Library.   With iPhoto Library Manager, iPhoto gets some features that it is sorely missing.

iPhoto Library ManagerWhen you use iPhoto to organize your photos, it stores everything into one library, a database of all your photos, metadata, edits, and more. This library can get rather large and unwieldy, making the process of working within it cumbersome, to say the least.  iPhoto Library Manager allows you to manage multiple iPhoto libraries without the need to open them in iPhoto.  Allowing for the creation of libraries, iPhoto Library Manager give you a way to organize your photos in multiple libraries.  You can also copy photos between libraries, retaining all the metadata that can be painstakingly entered along with your photos; titles, dates, descriptions, keywords, ratings, faces, and place information are all transferred.  Events and albums are also copied without issue, recreating them in the target destination.  By splitting up your bigger iPhoto library into smaller iPhoto libraries, you’ll notice a performance boost and great new ways to keep your photos organized.

With your iPhoto libraries managed in this utility, the ability to search across all your photos in all your libraries is possible.  One great feature is the ability to search for duplicate photos in a single or multiple libraries.  Once identified, you can view them side-by-side and choose their fate: moving them to the trash or tagging them with keywords, among other things.

The initial reason that led me to seek out this utility was the need for merging multiple iPhoto libraries.  I had a client that had photos across three different Mac computers, two of which were at the end of their life cycle.  With iPhoto Library Manager, I downloaded the free trial to determine how effective the software would be in helping with this task, something Apple doesn’t really address with iPhoto (or their support forums).  After running a scan with the trial version, I determined that the full version would fit my needs and the three iPhoto libraries became one.  After that, I used the duplicate finding feature to purge the redundancies.

One last feature that really makes iPhoto Library Manager worth the purchase is the ability to rebuild corrupt iPhoto libraries.  If you have mysterious issues with your iPhoto library like missing photos or strange crashes, this utility is exactly what you need.

Priced at $29.95, iPhoto Library Manager might be a little steep if you are used to using free utilities, but well worth that sum if you’ve ever been devastated when all your beloved photos aren’t responding in iPhoto.  One caveat: iPhoto Library Manager isn’t available in the App Store, but by no means should this dissuade you from utilizing this great enhancement to iPhoto.

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