Protect Your Brain with the Cellushield

April 16, 2013

Written by wukovits

I, like most people nowadays, use a cellular phone daily.  This magical device has infiltrated nearly all our lives, and the usage of cellphones is still on the rise.  As the size of these devices gets smaller, the technology that keeps us connected becomes stronger.  When you stop to think about it, how do those magical wireless signals get to where they are going, enabling you to communicate with your friends and loved ones?  The answer to that is simple: they emit radiofrequency energy, which is non-ionizing radiation.  This electromagnetic radiation is capable of heating substances through the absorption of energy by water, fat, and other elements, which can cause biological effects.  This absorption can be measured as the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), an important level when measuring the effects of radiation on human tissues.

If you ask most people what they know about radiation, chances are you’ll get a somewhat negative reaction.  Over the past sixty or so years, radiation has become quite a hot topic (no pun intended).  With the advent of nuclear technology, radiation became known as bad stuff, with severe exposure leading to extreme sickness and potential death.  However, there are different types of radiation, and the kind that accompanies nuclear reactors, radiation therapy for cancer patients, and x-rays, ionizing radiation, can increase the risk of cancer.  Non-ionizing radiation, such as that from cell phones, televisions, computers, and many other electronic devices, hasn’t shown a consistent link with cancer, but it should be said that testing in these areas is fairly limited.  Increased exposure levels is a reason for concern and as a society, we certainly expose ourselves to extreme quantities of non-ionizing radiation, especially from cell phone usage.

With cell phone usage showing no sign of decreasing, Lake Charles neurosurgeon Dr. Erich Wolf developed a solution:  alleviate these levels of radiation with a type of protection for the cell phone.  His creation, the Cellushield, is an inline protection shield that puts itself in between your phone and your brain.  Considering that your brain is made up of water, fat, and other elements, it seems that holding an electromagnetic emitting device next to it might lead to some absorption of radiation.  The Cellushield can be best described as a screen protector, but it protects your cellular phone screen and your brain.

After initially hearing about this invention in the pages of the Lagniappe, I reached out to Dr. Wolf to find out as much as I could about his invention.  He was able to explain to me how the product works and had me convinced within minutes.  To find out more about how his creation can help protect you against cell phone radiation, visit the website. (  It is chock full of great information and the science behind this technology.  You can even buy a Cellushield online through the website, although I should mention that my business, Bayou Technologies, is proud to feature the Cellushield at our location at 3026 Ryan Street.  The Cellushield is available for the iPhone 3, 4, and 5 series as well as the HTC Evo, and for $29.99 is quite the bargain considering the level of protection it provides.

As a screen protector, it goes on smoothly and is a pleasure to use.  My iPhone 5 enjoys an addition level of security thanks to the high-quality protection the Cellushield offers, and I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that my Cellushield blocks radiation up to 97% below the FCC limits.  If you have an iPhone or HTC Evo and you use it daily, the Cellushield is a great investment.  Not only does it keep your phone scratch-free, it also protects the most valuable asset you own: your brain.

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