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Managed IT Services

With Managed Services, we can take your technology to the next level – advanced, efficient, and most importantly, secure.

Cloud Computing

Start taking advantage of the benefits cloud services have to offer. With no capital investments in servers, storage, or related equipment, you pay for what you use.

Support Services

Whatever your IT needs may be, our expert technicians can help solve your questions or issues remotely or in person.


Bayou Technologies provides modern solutions for modern problems. For SMB clients, we have solutions to help run your business efficiently. We can identify and help address the problem or give you the best and most practical advice for your technology issues. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist with your IT problems and offer the solutions you need in a proactive and efficient manner. 

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

If your business depends on computers, reliability is crucial. Our technicians are available, proactively monitoring your technology, 24/7 if necessary. Managed Services is the best path for your business to take on its way to a reliable and secure infrastructure, taking advantage of advanced technology solutions. 

Streamline Operations

Having Bayou Technologies manage IT for you means we’re constantly connected and can see everything that’s going on: all server performance, all storage, all the activity that keeps your network working for you. Should anything go wrong, we see it and take immediate corrective action. Your business keeps on running.

Maximize IT Investment

As your Managed Services Provider (MSP), Bayou Technologies can increase productivity, mitigate risks and maximize your IT investment. Let us help with your IT needs and let your team focus on what your business does best.

Keep Control of Your Network

Your network remains yours. You determine every component, every configuration, every capacity on every segment of your information infrastructure whether on-premises, in-the-cloud, or a hybrid. We work with you to produce the run book, and then we run everything by that book.

Premises Cabling

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

With so many cloud computing services it can be difficult to know if you’re achieving the most cost-effective performance possible from your services. Bayou Technologies will help you determine what cloud services you really need.

Gain Flexibility and Reduce Costs

Look at Cloud services as an alternative way to deliver the kinds of IT services you’ve always depended upon, an alternative that is far less expensive, faster, and easier to put to work, and far more flexible. You simply subscribe to the services you need, request resources when required, and release them when you’re done. You only pay for them until you release them! 

Get Expert Advice

Our team is constantly reviewing new cloud offerings to determine their value to our clients. From productivity suites to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), our team can help you decide what services your business needs to move forward. 

Save Time

Let us save you the time you’ve spent researching and vetting various cloud services. We have excellent relationships with all the premier cloud providers and can be a far quicker conduit for you. 

Support Services

Support Services

With business operations being driven by the internet and information technology, we understand the importance of having reliable and quick support. This is where our team comes into the picture.

Omnichannel Communication

Contact support through your preferred medium of communication. Be it by email, phone,  or chat, our team of experts is there for you.

Remote and On-site

Whether remote or on-site, our IT team is ready to assist you with whatever technology problem or question that is troubling you.

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