Co-Managed IT Services

As cybersecurity attacks become more prevalent, everyone is a target. Risk and vulnerability assessments are essential for understanding and mitigating potential threats to your business.


A Strategic Partnership


Every business has its own variety of technology obstacles. Sometimes your internal IT team can get backed up or not have the resources to execute a big project.

That’s where our co-managed services come in. We act as an addition to your internal team to assist as needed. We can help with everything from planning to carrying out everyday tasks. We’re here to help. 


More time to focus on everyday business functions and processes

Alleviate stressful IT issues

Additional resources for your IT projects

Increase visibility, performance, and efficiency

Have an expert in the latest technology trends like cybersecurity, Backup, VoIP, etc.

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When Would You Need
Co-Managed Services?

A co-managed service involves a collaborative relationship between an in house IT team and working with an expert IT partner. Many businesses choose to limit their internal IT operations to a small team that deals with internal projects. At the same time, they outsource varied and complex IT support to an outside provider. In this way, co-managed services are a beneficial combination of internal management and external IT support.

An Added Layer of Visibility

We’re experts in technology and have a strong understanding of what’s going on in the IT world right now. We aim to add a layer of visibility and transparency to your technology objectives. Our strategic planning gives you the peace of mind that your technology is moving forward and up to date with industry standards.


of CIOs and IT managers feel they are not maximizing their impact in their company. Most time is being spent on small, trivial issues instead of strategic initiatives.

– Forbes Technology Council

Our Process

We’ll meet with you one on one to find a plan and relationship that works well with your team and future technology goals.



Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals

Technology Initiative Implementation

Technology Initiative Implementation

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Pain Points Solved


Gain peace of mind by having a partner that can help take some of the load off


Reduce technology obstacles with added assistance


Have access to additional resources for larger, more complex projects


Gain time to focus on business initiatives

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Partnering with Bayou Technologies to provide the IT support that our company needs has been a smooth experience that benefits our efficiencies with their assistive support.

– Scott M.