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Meltdown and Spectre: is your computer at risk?

Talk around our office at Bayou Technologies has centered a lot recently over concerns and remedies in regard to the new 'Meltdown' vulnerability. Kevin Herrick, one of my employees, submitted the following spot-on commentary to me. As I feel I couldn't have stated it...

Upgrading to the iPad Pro

My first Apple tablet was the iPad 2, and since then, my family and I have been steadily adding these tablets to our arsenal of technology. Now, each member of the family has their own iPad. When it comes time for an upgrade, we play musical chairs and the displaced...

Read, Register, and Win an Amazon Fire TV Stick!

Streaming content over the Internet has become a major player in many homes as a way to watch programming. There are many choices on how you can get Netflix, HuluPlus, Crackle, YouTube, or any host of other online content providers onto your television, and today...

Backing Up Your iPhone: A Good Idea

Being the owner of an Apple device comes with the reality that updates can be a stressful activity.  I’ve spoken to many a person that had issues updating their device with the latest iOS release and having disastrous consequences.  I, too, have experienced less than...

A pretty screen, but at what price?

Recently, Apple released a new MacBook Pro that is slimmer than any previous model, measuring a mere 0.7 inches in thickness.  What sets this laptop apart, aside from the svelte profile, is the Retina display that brings a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 pixels, a...

Hands-On with the iPad 2, Part I

Apple released the iPad 2 on March 11, 2011. This hands-on review conducted the next day gives one person’s opinion on this latest tablet device.

Hands-On With The Apple iPad – Part 2

Is the new Apple iPad all that it is cracked up to be? Will it change the face of computing forever? Find out in my hands-on review! (Two of two parts)

What’s New and Improved?

With technology changing constantly, I’ve updated some previous articles I’ve written with the latest news.

Is This Mouse Really Magic?

The Apple Magic Mouse is revolutionary in the use of the “Multi-Touch” interface, but performs solidly in all other aspects of being a wireless mouse.

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