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Check Your Links Before You Click

There are quite a few of us that have Facebook profiles.  Many of us are even daily users and I count myself among this group.  Facebook can be a welcome distraction, an effective marketing tool, or a great mechanism for meeting old friends and new people.  It can...

Don’t Get Taken by Ransomware

In the course of our every day business, my company is frequented by a good number of customers that have a common problem: malware infections.  These can come in a variety of forms and delivery methods, but lately, I’m seeing a good number of these that follow a...

Free Wi-Fi can cost more than you think

We’ve all done it.  We’re away from home and want to use the Internet on our laptop, but we don’t have a mobile broadband card for Internet access.  The hotel or other facility charges for Wi-Fi, but there on the list of available networks is something that draws us...

Microsoft Makes Windows a Safer Place

Microsoft’s latest effort in an antimalware utility, Microsoft Security Essentials, is a welcome new addition to the security software I recommend to clients.

Fake Antivirus Programs – Don’t Go Phishing

Social engineering attacks using fake antivirus programs as bait rely on their victims’ good intentions to deliver the malicious payload. Be aware of the dangers and methods to prevent and remove these sneaky invaders to your Windows computer.

Make your PC safe and clean for free!

Most often, I get computers from people that are in a state of disrepair, and the most common culprit is malware, either spyware/adware or a virus.  The difference between the two is that spyware and adware collect information about you without you knowing it, and...

Facebook can be fun, but safety comes first!

Facebook is pretty neat - you can find old friends, share pictures with these friends, play addictive games with said friends, or take nonsensical quizzes and compare the results with the same friends.  One thing that can be not-so-neat about Facebook is catching a...

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