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Enhance Your Photos With These Free Apps

I love taking pictures and while I enjoy the quality that my DSLR camera produces, I carry my iPhone everywhere and it is responsible for most of the photos I take. When I share a photo to social media, I typically post to Instagram, a Facebook-owned social network...

Keep Your Kids Safe with Circle

My kids are online, and I’m sure that many of your children are as well. There are a great number of choices when it comes to monitoring Internet activity for your home. I have implemented solutions for clients and their families that work, but weren’t simple to...

Get Organized With Trello

Anyone can probably use a little more organization in his or her life. Whether for business or personal, having a way to keep organized when you have a task to accomplish is a must. A simple to-do list can be a help, but when you have multiple projects to tackle, one...

Get More From The Web With Extensions

When you browse the web on your computer, what browser do you use? I use Google Chrome, and while I have a variety of reasons for this browser to monopolize my webpage consumption, today I’m going to focus on one of my favorite features: extensions. While browser...

Keep Your Mac Tidy with CleanMyMac 2

Computers are getting smaller and sleeker.  These ultra-thin notebook computers weigh very little and to accommodate this thin form factor, a Solid State Drive (SSD) replaces the standard laptop hard drive.  These SSDs have less storage space than what we have been...

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