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The Best Deal for Online Backup

You really need to backup your computer. Some folks use an external hard drive and others use an online backup service that sends your backup files into the “cloud”. I use both, and having that type of redundancy in place has saved me from potential disasters. The...

Backing Up Your iPhone: A Good Idea

Being the owner of an Apple device comes with the reality that updates can be a stressful activity.  I’ve spoken to many a person that had issues updating their device with the latest iOS release and having disastrous consequences.  I, too, have experienced less than...

Living in the Cloud

For many people, when the word cloud is uttered, the thought of soft, pillowy things in the sky comes to mind.  With tech folks, for the last few years, the cloud means something entirely different.  The concept of "the cloud" has been around for a while, as...

Boot Your Backup

Circumvent a hard drive failure on your Mac by creating a bootable backup with Carbon Copy Cloner.

Keep Your Data Safe, Part 2 – Online Backup Services

In my last column, I discussed a few options for software that can assist you in backing up your important data at your own location onto an external hard drive.  There is another option available that is rapidly gaining popularity among businesses, and home users...

Keep Your Data Safe, Part 1 – Free Backup Software

One of the most significant advances in computing over the past few years is the lowering price of storage.  Computers store their data on hard drives and the prices keep dropping.  These days, a hard drive that accommodates one terabyte (1TB) of data can be bought...

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