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Start driving new potential customers to your business with the right marketing strategy.



Increase business revenue by advertising through the right media channels, online and traditional. 

Business Branding

A solid and consistent brand will make your business stand out from the competition. 

Website Development

Drive sales to your business; it all starts with a professional and attractive website design. 

Website Hosting

Host on our servers and enjoy security and speed for your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Let your potential customers find your business when they search online. 

Digital Presence Monitoring

Align your business listings across the internet and monitor reviews for online reputation.

Social Media Management

Engage existing and new customers with effective social media campaigns on the channels that matter. 

Promotional Items

Let your brand be represented with items that will help to bring customers to your door.


Your potential customers see your business online before they ever walk through your door. Will your branding, website, and online presence make them see why your company should be their choice for spending their hard-earned dollars? With our experience in traditional marketing and online presence building, Bayou Technologies can help your business realize the power of a strong brand and cohesive image.


Another way to get your business seen on search engines and other web locations is to pay to advertise there. Our experienced marketers know which sites perform best and help you make the most effective placement of programmatic advertising, including ads, banners, pay-per-click, pre-roll, streaming, and more! 

Traditional Paid Media

Our experience in traditional forms of advertising positions us to envision and bring life to the creative content your business needs. We provide graphic design and video production for any project that requires quality results in a timely fashion. From television and radio to billboards and magazines, we can find the best place for your business advertising to be experienced by your target audience. 

Online Advertising

There are a multitude of ways for your business to be seen online. With so many media outlets and places where your potential customers live online, we can help you find your target audience and deliver your ads where they will see them most.

Our experienced marketers can help make the most effective placement of online advertising, including Google Ads, programmatic ads, banners, pay-per-click, video pre-roll, streaming, podcasts, and ads on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more!

Email Marketing

Every business knows the importance of building meaningful relationships with its customers and email marketing is just the perfect tool for it. No matter what business, our team can help create personalized content that will engage your audience and drive traffic to your website. Need help finding an audience? We can help identify your ideal customer and get you a mailing list of potential customers. 

Direct Mail

Physical mail pieces are an effective method of communicating your promotion to potential customers directly in their homes or business. Utilizing modern technologies like QR codes, campaigns can be integrated with digital efforts. 

Advertising sales
logo and branding

Business Branding

Creating an identity that will promote your business and attract customers is essential. From logos to stationery and business cards, our team can develop the assets your brand needs to deliver a uniform presence.

Logo Design

Your logo is so much more than just a nice typography, it’s the face of your brand. Stand out from the competition with a unique logo created by our team of designers.

Print Design

Although digital design may get most of the spotlight these days, print design is still a necessary part of reaching your audience. Whatever the medium – brochures, flyers or business cards – our design team can bring creative solutions to every business need.

Brand Strategy

Whether you’ve been in business for some time or you are starting out with a fresh brand, our team can help design a strategy tailored to your unique needs.

Promotional Items

Increase your brand visibility and awareness and leave a lasting impression on your customers by creating and distributing promotional products that bear your brand’s logo. When done right, promotional items can be an effective and cost-efficient way to build brand loyalty and drive business growth.

Website Development

Customers are smarter and more informed than ever mainly because they are checking you out online long before they reach out to buy something. They read online reviews, and almost all take some time to review your website. It is the fastest way to reach them and drive them toward your business, and you need to put your best foot forward. 

Web Design

Bayou Technologies delivers excellent, highly effective custom websites with a unique look and feel tailored to your brand. 

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Content Strategy

We know good web design is not just about looks but also about a brand’s tone of voice. Bayou Technologies can create just the right content for your brand’s audience with the help of our content writers and strategists. 

Hosting Services

Enjoy maximum control and security over your web presence by having Bayou Technologies host it. Your site resides securely on our servers enjoying the highest possible speed connections to the internet. We provide maintenance, monitoring, and more, ensuring uptime so that your business is effective online.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a great-looking website is one piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Getting people to find your website is another big piece of that puzzle. With our SEO services, we can help get your website on the first page of Google: the place everyone starts looking for what they want.

Web development

Social Media and Online Presence

The advent of social media has revolutionized our society and the way we share information.  Along with this sea change of information distribution, businesses have capitalized on this new method of communication to engage and interact with their existing and prospective customer base.

Social Media Management

Strategic posting on social media networks delivers strong responses and results. Bayou Technologies posts attractive content about your business, services, and other information on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and more.

Social Media Strategy

We also provide social media consulting services to help you and your business manage your own social media presence and can guide you down the path of launching and maintaining effective social media campaigns.  With our experience and instruction, your team can quickly get up to speed in these new and exciting ways to grow your business and expand your online presence.

Digital Presence Monitoring

Establishing an online presence for your business can be more than just a website and some social media. Having your business listing aligned across the internet can significantly improve your presence online. Our Digital Presence Monitoring services can help you to unify your business listing and remove any incorrect data or duplicate entries that could be affecting your visibility online. Reputation monitoring is another feature of this service, allowing you to maintain your business ratings with full transparency across multiple online sources like Google, Facebook, and more. 

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