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With our experience in traditional marketing and online presence building, Bayou Technologies can help your business realize the power of a strong brand and cohesive image.

Your potential customers see your business online before they ever walk through your door. Will your branding, website, and online presence make them see why your company should be their choice for spending their hard-earned dollars?


How does your business represent itself to your potential customers? Does your brand reflect the positive image your company desires?

Are you looking to grow your sales without additional salaries or commissions to pay?

Where is the best place to spend your advertising dollar to attract your target demographics?

Bayou Technologies has the experience in traditional and digital marketing to bring the customers you want to your business.

Website Development

Potential customers see a business online before they ever walk through the door. Will your website make them see why your company should be their choice?

Search Engine Optimization

Will your future customers find your business when they search for what your sell or the services you provide? Being found on Google is the key to increasing sales.

Social Media & Online Presence

The rise of social media has helped and hurt businesses thanks to instant customer feedback. Does your business have a strategy for maintaining a positive online presence?

Website & Email Management

Maintaining a secure environment for websites, our hosting for websites is backed by the leaders in the industry. Our business email solutions can bring new productivity to your office and sales.  

Online Advertising

Sometimes the results that organic techniques can provide need to accelerate exponentially. Paid campaigns for search engines, social media, and in-line advertising can increase sales quickly.

Multimedia Design

Your brand and your marketing require congruity. With multiple platforms on which your company can be seen, having creative content that captures your customers is a must, and we can help.

Website Development

Potential customers see a business online before they ever walk through the door. Will your website make them see why your company should be their choice for the products and services they need?

Companies know that having a website can make huge impacts on their profits, but don\’t have one or have used other means to develop a lackluster and ineffective website. DIY tools and inexperienced and/or unprofessional website developers can yield poor results.

Drive sales to your business; it all starts with a professional and attractive website design. From a simple informational page to a search optimized sales tool, Bayou Technologies can provide you with website development services your business needs to get people familiar with your business.

Having a great looking website is one piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Getting people to find your website is another big piece of that puzzle. With our SEO services, we can help get your website on first page of Google: the place everyone starts looking for what they want.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process where a website’s visibility in search engines is improved through the use of non-ad related search results. Otherwise known as “organic” or “natural” results, they are sought highly for their value when placement on the first page of search engine rankings is achieved. The earlier and more frequently a website appears on a page of search engine results, the more likely a prospective client will be to use the website.

While other avenues exist for search engine marketing (SEM), such as paid ads targeting specific keywords and audiences, organic results tend to be used more frequently by savvy web users. The websites found through organic search results will be more relevant as their content is what helps to generate their placement.

If you already have an existing website that you want to be found or need a website developed to drive traffic to your business, we have the online marketing solutions that will get your business seen online by the customers you want.

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media & Online Presence

The last few years have changed the way that people communicate and interact with each other. The advent of social media has revolutionized our society and the way we share information.  Along with this sea change of information distribution, businesses have capitalized on this new method of communication to engage and interact with their existing and prospective customer base.

Creating an effective social media campaign requires creativity, diligence, and know-how.  At Bayou Technologies, our services for social media management can be instrumental in establishing, growing, and maintaining a positive online presence for your business.

With the many social media networks, knowing how to utilize and capitalize  the right ones for your target audience can be a full-time job. We can take on the heavy-lifting with your social media or your business might have the resources available in-house.

We also provide social media consulting services to help you and your business manage your own social media presence and can guide you down the path of launching and maintaining effective social media campaigns.  With our experience and instruction, your team can quickly get up to speed in these new and exciting ways to grow your business and expand your online presence.

Establishing an online presence for your business can be more than just a website and some social media. Having your business listing aligned across the internet can significantly improve your presence online. Our Digital Presence Monitoring services can help you to unify your business listing and remove any incorrect data or duplicate entries that could be affecting your visibility online.

For a quick test to see if your business listing is aligned, please proceed by clicking the button and running a report:

Reliability in the online services that help to run your business is not an option. Using free or cheap solutions will cost you big in the long run.

The infrastructure of a company\’s website must be solid, and the challenges of hosting websites in this modern age have increased exponentially. Keeping a hosting environment secure against the many threats from cybercriminals is a battle that has been increasing in ferocity over the past few years. Advances in platforms that allow for beautiful, functional, and easy-to-manage websites have brought with them a multitude of new attack vectors for these criminals to exploit.

Email has changed significantly in the past few years. With the proliferation of spam, the constant threat of spreading malware, and the reliance on email for your business communications, using a free email account can not provide the assurance or support that a company needs.

At Bayou Technologies, our website hosting services provide you with the peace-of-mind knowing that it is secure, up-to-date, and ready to drive your business.

We provide business email solutions and office collaboration tools, scalable for any size organization. We are resellers for the leaders in the office  productivity workspace and can get your company to be more efficient.

Website & Email Management

Online Advertising

When marketing your business online, sometimes the results that organic techniques can provide don\’t provide the results needed in the timeframe required. Paid campaigns for search engines, social media, and in-line advertising can increase sales quickly. The importance of a solid online advertising campaign means incorporating and prioritizing ad budget dollars.

Using search engine marketing (SEM) like Google AdWords or Google AdSense are important pieces to the online marketing puzzle. With paid campaigns, you can target that audience you know your business wants. We can help you to strategize and deploy an online advertising campaign that will generate the results your business deserves.

Long gone are the days on social media where your business posts are seen organically, even by your existing followers. For visibility on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks, advertising using a pay per impression or pay per click campaign is hugely important.

Knowing what type of campaign to use and how to effectively track the results is crucial for maximizing your ad budget for any online medium and Bayou Technologies can help you to realize the potential that online advertising can provide to your business.

For many small businesses, creating an identity that will attract and promote business is essential.  Your brand and your marketing require congruity. With multiple platforms on which your company can be seen, having creative content that captures your customers is a must, and we can help.

Bayou Technologies provides content creation for all forms of media. Our experience in traditional forms of advertising and knowledge and expertise in digital media positions us to envision and bring life to the creative content your business needs. We provide graphics design and video production for any project that requires quality results in a timely fashion.

Discern yourself from your competition by presenting your company with a brand that will be recognized and marketing materials that will make a splash for your business with prospective customers.

Multimedia Design

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