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Microsoft Makes Windows a Safer Place

Microsoft’s latest effort in an antimalware utility, Microsoft Security Essentials, is a welcome new addition to the security software I recommend to clients.

Shortcuts 102 – Your Keyboard is Your Friend

In my last column, I started to acclimate the unfamiliar to the wonderful world of keyboard shortcuts.  I use my keyboard as much as possible, as it maximizes my efficiency while I work on my computer, which is for multiple hours a day.  For this column, we're going...

Windows 7 Versions and Features – Is It Right For You?

Windows 7 is a chance for Microsoft to fix a lot of things that went wrong with Vista.  In my last column, I discussed how they have greatly improved the installation experience for XP users upgrading to Windows 7.  Vista users can do an in-place upgrade that does not...

Upgrading to Windows 7 – A Pleasant Experience

If you have a television, I’m sure that you’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for the new Windows 7 operating system.  Microsoft is really stepping up their advertising for this update to Windows, as they’ve been losing quite a bit of ground to Apple in the past...

Snow Leopard, improvements making a good thing better

Today I’m going to discuss a topic that only applies to a certain segment of the computing population: Mac users.  Apple recently released a new operating system, OS X 10.6, otherwise known as Snow Leopard.  While the other versions of OS X have been named for...

Which Smartphone is Smartest?

I use a “Smartphone”, one of these devices that, while being a phone, is also a computer.  I’ve been one since their inception, back when a company called Palm decided to combine the capabilities of a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with the ability to place and...

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