The Challenge

I recently saw an article about a restaurateur who had been noticing that his customer satisfaction rates and profits were dipping. Coincidentally, he had old security footage from his establishment from ten years ago (2004) that he hoped would provide insight to the...

Contact Management on iOS

I, like many, have many email accounts that I frequently use. For many users, this includes synchronized contacts; for iOS users, that is where things can start to get messy. When you add an email account, you have the option to disable the other synchronization...

Apps to Help the Weary Traveler

Everyone needs to take a vacation.  This summer, my family and I embarked on a pilgrimage to the place of my birth, where the Wukovits family conducts its tri-annual reunion: South Bend, Indiana.  While my family and I have taken many a road trip, this one promised to...

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